History of SANRIYA Inc,

2001----We start design and produce each bag product from 2001. At this year we mainly cooperate with Microsoft and produce CDs bags products,

2006----We start to focus on ice hockey bag products design and produce.

2008----After two years hardworking, we design out the foldable stand hockey bag "HK-901" and applied the technical patent in Canada, US, Japan and Germany. We start to cooperate with several hockey brands such as GRIT, SBK, Tackla. Design out sevral types of stand hockey bag. 

2013----We set up the "high custom team order" department to focus on high custom design but small amount order. We start cooperate with hockey teams, clubs, training camps, schools and  leagues. We offer a set of bags ( player, goalie, coach and travel bag) with their team color material and team logo, and each player name and number. 

2017----We have built cooperation-ship with 138 teams include ice hockey, Rugby, lacrosse teams; 14 clubs; 4 camps and 2 leagues. 

2018----We will pay more attention on Rugby, Lacrosse, Baseball area. And design out more new types sport bags. Our goal is to develop cooperation with 60 new teams in 2018.